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Il Laboratorio M.S. Tendalini

M.S. TENDALINI is a young, family run craft shop based in the Darsena area in Viareggio. The company started in 1984 with the “VELERIA PATALANI” school  owned by Marino Patalani. The school  had teachers like the Puosi brothers of the well-known “VELERIA PUOSI”. This field is constantly evolving and we, at M.S.TENDALINI, are continuously keeping up to date to rapidly understand the new requirements, adopting and inventing new techniques. Our goal is to enhance the esthetics without forgetting the old crafting traditions. The company creates high level products, using the best products available on the market keeping in mind the specific environmental conditions. We are specialized in the nautical sector: sofa slipcovers, chair slipcover, tables, furniture,  wheel cover and/or darkening, bimini top curtains, summer or winter stern drive covers, total fly covers, covers for camping and so on. We also work for the civil sector….
We create protective covers for the following shipyards: MAIORA, FIPA, CBN, ABYACHTS; FROM 20 M TO 50 M ITALYACHTS